About Us

MineLoans.com is a funding request placement group focused on finding the right funding solution for your mining project. We have relationships with several direct investors who are actively funding mining projects. We also work with hedge funds, merchant banks and other institutional lenders. We know what questions to ask because we know what our investors are looking for. We can help put your project in front of the right funding sources.

We take the time to understand your project and your funding needs. Please fill out the form on the ‘Submit A Loan’ page and be as detailed as you can about the information requested. Or feel free to call and talk to one of our funding experts. We will work with you to craft a funding request package for investors and fund managers to review. Once interest is expressed in your project, we get out of the way and put you in direct contact with the funding source.

We do not charge any upfront fees, nor do any of the brokers that we work with. Broker and referral fees are only charged upon successful project funding. We understand that time is valuable and the faster a deal can close the better. Please help us make this happen by getting back to us quickly with requested documentation and answers to investor questions.

Mine Funding Blog

Mineloans.com offers prospectors gold mine loans. While many requirements must be met, including geological reports, executive business plans, permits, claims and financial information, Mineloans.com also requires assay reports. Assay reports are specific to the raw mineral industry and they are an analysis of alloy, ore or metals. Different assay methods are used depending upon the […]


Mine loans are niche-loan markets that require special, expert investor funding. Generally financing producing mines, there are numerous options for mine funding. Land Type – A question of great importance is if the land is owned or leased. Necessary permits and staked claims must be obtained, as this shows proof of mineral ownership. Legal rules […]