Natural Gas

Investors interested in natural gas projects want to know several things about the wells and the geology of the site. Please be prepared to discuss the formation to be drilled, what the subsurface geology will be like, and how large and deep the target deposit is. Please also be prepared with proper permits for drilling and land lease or ownership records.

Another question and focus of due diligence is the plan behind extracting and selling the natural gas. Investors will need to know how the well will be connected to pipelines in the area and who the eventual buyer of the natural gas will be. Questions about mineral rights, leases, piping and royalties will be discussed between the well principal and the investor.

Financial considerations from the investor will include borrower liquidity, cash invested in the project to date, as well as land and equipment ownership to be used as collateral. Investors look for borrowers who can continue to contribute to the viability of the project, both operationally and financially. No upfront broker or referral fees will be charged.

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