What are your lending limits?

Our investors do not usually look at any deals smaller than $5M. We have funds and investors that can lend up to $500M for qualifying projects.

Do you lend only in certain areas?

We can find financing for projects all over the world. We cannot fund projects located in countries or regions in conflict or war.

What do you need from borrowers?

In order for our investors to determine project viability, they need to see an executive summary or business plan, along with all geo reports, assay reports and third party reports available. Status and proof of permits and claims as well as financial information on the project and borrower will also be requested.

How fast can you fund a deal?

Speed of funding depends on many factors. The strength of the project itself is a large factor, and this is determined by whether the mine is currently producing, and whether there are cash flows, collateral and liquidity. The faster a borrower responds to a request for documentation or further information, the faster a project can be funded.

Do you work with individual investors or funds?

We work with both private investors and a variety of funds, hedge funds and merchant banks. We will review your project and documentation and then place your project with the group or investor that will be most likely to fund the deal.

Do your investors take equity or is the funding a loan?

Our investors and the funds we work with are usually open to debt, equity or a combination of both. The terms of the financing will depend on the strength of the project and will be determined after discussions between the borrower and lender.

Do you do 100% financing?

We do have some investors that will work with borrowers seeking 100% financing. This option usually takes longer than other options, but it can be done.

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