Oil Wells

Oil well investors have several criteria they utilize to determine project viability and their interest level in capital investment. Initially they will want to know if permits are in place and whether the land is owned or leased. They will also want to know if there are existing wells and if they are currently producing, and if producing what is the rate. If the wells are not currently producing, how much capital and how much time will it take to begin production?

Investors understand the potential of oil fields and want to know about proven reserves and short and long term project plans to realize the field’s potential. They will want to know how many wells a field can support, how deep the wells will need to go, and whether horizontal drilling will be required. Please be as descriptive as possible about depths, formations and other pertinent geologic information.

Like other investment opportunities, the questions of capital invested to date, liquidity and collateral are important. Investors want to know if borrowers have liquidity and whether they can show proof of funds. Does the borrower own any equipment, are there cash flows from producing wells, and what is the value of the land are all questions investors will have. No upfront broker or referral fees will ever be charged with MineLoans, these fees are only paid upon successful funding of your project.

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