Surprise! Products Made From Oil

As the world’s population increases, so too does the demand for oil. Petroleum, also known as oil, is a widely used substance, which is why the price per barrel of oil has a dramatic effect on pocketbooks worldwide.

More than just pumping gas and taking care of cars, oil is used in endless products, which includes:

  • Cosmetics – Petroleum products and byproducts can comprise as much as 80-percent of cosmetics’ ingredients. Common forms of petroleum include waxes, oils, dyes, perfumes and petrochemicals. These byproducts are also found in hair dyes, shampoos and conditioners.
  • Synthetic Rubber – Sometimes preferred in manufacturing processes, synthetic rubber is found in shoes, sporting goods and even tires. The average tire requires approximately eight gallons of oil in the manufacturing process. Because natural rubber is high in cost, synthetic rubber is commonly used in cable and wire insulations.
  • Lubricants – More than motor oil, lubricants made from petroleum include paraffin wax and grease. This can even include candle wax.
  • Medicine – In reading medication ingredients, one ingredient turns up time and again: benzene. This petroleum-based product is found in aspirin and other modern medicines.
  • Cleaning Products – Glycerin and synthetic chemical substances often contain petroleum, but they are effective at getting stubborn stains out of laundry and dishes.
  • Asphalt – Bitumen, also known as semi-sold asphalt can be either refined or natural. Often confused with tar, this sticky substance acts as glue with various minerals to create a rock hard surface.
  • Synthetic Fabrics – Cheaper than natural fabrics, cloth made from oil includes nylon, rayon, spandex, polyester and acrylic. These synthetic fibers are often used in making carpet, curtains, couches and even socks.
  • Food – Used in many synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, petrochemicals are commonly found in colorings, oil, preservatives, flavorings and even gum.
  • Plastic – Think about the all-consuming world of plastic. What is plastic made of? Petrochemicals. This means that nearly 4- to 5-percent of all U.S. petroleum is dedicated to manufacturing plastic products.
  • Fuel – Fuel has to make the list, as oil accounts for nearly 72-percent of petroleum consumption.

Other common products made from oil or oil byproducts include: ammonia, dyes, pantyhose, antifreeze, electronics, petroleum jelly, antiseptics, film, art supplies, fishing line, records, artificial limbs, floor wax, foam, roofing, glasses, awnings, glue, shaving cream, bandages, glycerin, guitar strings, shower curtains, heart valves, skis, helmets, soap, caulking, ink, solvents, insulation, crayons, creams, toys, nail polish, trash bags, cutlery, nylon, umbrellas, dentures, paint, upholstery, dice, paint brushes and even vitamin capsules. offers funding for lucrative oil productions. Investors that understand the importance of oil as an economic commodity provide their mine funding offering oil well funding for either leased or owned lands.

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