Top 10 Valuable Metals

When walking into jewelry stores, customers are in awe of the sparkling, dazzling jewels. Sometimes taking a second seat, gold, silver and platinum are beautiful too, which is why gold misers hide their precious metals in safes.

The most valuable metals include the following:

• Rhodium – The world’s most valuable metal, this silver-colored metal is used in jewelry, mirrors and searchlights. Extremely rare, this metal is only found in South Africa and Russia. It features a high melting point and can withstand corrosion, which makes it extremely valuable within the industrial industry.
• Platinum – Platinum is one of the most expensive metals. Found in Canada, South Africa and Russia, platinum is non-corrosive and extremely dense. Platinum is commonly used in jewelry, as well as weaponry, dentistry and aeronautics. Additionally, platinum can be subjected to large quantities of hydrogen.
• Gold – With extended durability and malleability, this highly desirable metal is one of the most popular metal investments. Gold has been used for centuries, dating back to pre-Egyptian times. The largest mines are located in the U.S., South Africa, China and Australia. Gold is used for more than just jewelry, and is often incorporated into office windows, electronics and radiation shields.
• Ruthenium – This bright gray metal is a member of the platinum family. Known for having durability, this metal can withstand temperatures up to 1,472 degrees Fahrenheit. Ruthenium is used to strengthen jewelry and is often used in electronics.
• Iridium – Considered a member of the platinum precious metals, this whitish metal has a high melting point. This hard metal is often used in automobiles, electronics, medicine, watches, pens and compasses.
• Osmium – One of earth’s densest elements, this bluish-silver metal is extremely hard, yet brittle. Scientists often debate whether iridium or osmium is heavier. This metal is used in electrical contacts and filaments.
• Palladium – This precious metal is rare and remains stable under hot conditions. This metal is used in the automobile industry, by jewelry and electronic manufacturers.
• Rhenium – The metal with the third highest melting point and one of the densest metals, rhenium can easily withstand blistering temperatures and is used in turbine engines, thermocouples, electrical contact materials and filaments.
• Silver – One of the most valuable metals, silver is used in coinage, jewelry, dentistry, photography, batteries and circuitry. Silver can also help prevent bacteria from spreading. Silver has excellent thermal and electrical conductivity.
• Indium – This rare metal is produced via zinc-ore processing, including iron, copper and lead ores. This soft metal is blue inside and lets out a distinctive whine when bent. Often used in semiconductors, corrosive-resistant mirrors, electricity conductivity and alloys. specializes in offering unique funding packages for oil wells, gold mines, coal mines and natural gas.

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