U.S. Natural Gas Shale Deposits: A Wealth Yet to be Discovered

The U.S. Energy Information Administration cites statistics that show the U.S. is not only the top natural gas producer in the world, but also the highest consumer. With 273 trillion cubic feet of gas reserves, the U.S. contains the world’s fourth largest source of gas deposits.

With modern mining and extraction improvements, more of these valuable energy sources are being tapped in an attempt to make the U.S. less dependent on foreign gas and oil. However, there are five major virginal gas shale deposits yet to be explored in the U.S.

  • Appalachia – Believed to contain more than 88,145.58 billion cubic feet of shale natural gas, this area spans from upstate New York into the Appalachian Mountains. The region features mountainous terrain, most of which harbors this valuable natural resource, making it extremely difficult to mine.
  • Texas – Already a dominant leader in domestic oil, Texas contains more natural gas than originally thought. The area that stretches from El Paso to Lubbock and then from Clovis, New Mexico, back to Del Rio, Texas, makes up the Permian Basin, which is believed to hold an estimated 35,130 billion cubic feet of gas. The southern portion of Texas has already been in the midst of an oil boom for several years.
  • Arkansas – The Arkoma Basin, which overlaps Oklahoma and Arkansas, is believed to hold nearly 26,670 billion cubic feet of natural gas.
  • Bend Arch-Fort Worth Basin – Returning to Texas, this basin stretches from San Antonio to Wichita Falls and experts predict it holds upwards of 26,228 billion cubic feet of gas. Most of the state of Texas is believed to hold levels of shale-locked natural gas. The Barnett Shale formation, near Fort Worth and the suburbs, has prompted large-scale hydraulic fracturing in an attempt to gain access to this valuable resource.
  • Kansas – The Anadarko Basin is located in Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma and holds nearly 22,823 billion cubic feet of shale gas.

As the demand for natural gas continually increases and engineering techniques overcome modern mining obstacles, experts predict that these areas will be tapped for their natural resources.

Even the NASDAQ has reported the intense value of these untouched lands and prospectors can rest assured that when mining is forecasted, investors will rush to lend monies to mining operations.

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